Voice Assist app is a fast and safe way to make calls, manage your e-mails, send and receive text messages and post to social networks all by voice commands over the phone.

Just click on the Voice Assist speed dial button to connect and then say what you want to do. Voice Assist works not only from your mobile phone, but from any phone! Just dial the Voice Assist access number found on the web site.



MobiSuite is an application which can track your lost phone, send bulk SMS, schedule SMS, erase the data on lost phone, protect your phone from virus and malware, incoming call firewall, backup and restore your contacts, from now on, you don\'t worry about losing your contacts and you can replace phone at your willing etc.

MobiSuite make your life more convenient and comfortable.



MobiNanny is an application which provides guardians with ability to monitor and block emails, phone calls and obscene SMS text message,get location of children, when children is out of the fence set before, the application will send alert message to tracking phone automatically.



MobiAnti is an application which protect your handset from virus and malware.

MobiAnti can scan application installed on handset, scan the downloaded files etc and find virus software and malware on time.



Cliq is a social app, users can organize their friends into groups called Cliques