Automation Test

SAP LABS , USA, introduced an On-Demand Cloud development platform code-named "River," which supports lightweight extensions to its on-premises ERP (enterprise resource planning) software and helps developers build applications faster.. SAP has been working on River for about 18 months and the first River application, called Carbon Impact 5.0, is runs on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud platform. SAP is developing its own applications to populate River, but over time, it expects to open the platform to partners.

Siloon achieved SAP Preferred Vendor status and our team provides development of sophisticated automation infrastructure, implementation and maintenance of test automation, internal QA tools and code coverage instrumentation support.

SAP® Carbon Impact OnDemand – On September 20, 2010 SAP introduced an enhanced version of the Carbon Impact OnDemand (, solution to help companies profitably reduce their energy and carbon footprint across their entire operations and product supply chains worldwide. Designed for the global economy, companies can rely on SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand 5.0 to help credibly report, analyze and reduce their worldwide energy and greenhouse gas emissions in the most cost-effective way. The software enables companies to adapt their carbon reduction strategy to the swiftly changing global market environments, characterized by volatile energy prices and tightening regulations.

SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand is the first SAP solution developed to run natively in the cloud, delivering on the traditional benefits of on-demand software—such as getting users up and running instantly and delivering measurable cost advantages—while extending these benefits even further. SAP is able to provide the seamless integration to existing SAP on-premise software investments, as well as to help ensure consistency in: governance and solution lifecycle management; master and meta data management; process integrity; security; application extensibility; and usability. With SAP on-demand technologies, every aspect of the application, such as user interface and data model, is extensible both at the design time and run time; these extensions are promptly visible in the application.

Siloon provided implementation and maintenance of test automation and internal QA tools. Our team enabled successful automation for the release of Carbon Impact 5.0.

Coghead(Redwood City, CA) provides 100% web-based service that allows creation and hosting of custom business applications. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with specialized templates for creating a limitless range of apps from Project Management, to Sales Lead tracking, to Inventory Management and more.

Coghead's service was available through a limited-access beta program before "going live" for free trial accounts in April, 2007 and launched its paid subscription plans in June, 2007. Coghead was recently acquired by SAP, which will use the technology for their internal SaaS platform.

Siloon provided UI development, product QA, test automation, development infrastructure and porting activities for Coghead. Our QA team developed sophisticated automation mechanism and performs stress and regression testing, providing detailed daily feedback. This enables Coghead to dramatically reduce release cycles. Our development team was instrumental in moving Coghead platform UI from Laszlo to Flex technology and extending it's functionality, enabling move of the product from Beta stage to commercial 1.0 and 2.0 releases.