• The Siloon Story - Introduction

    Siloon was founded in 2005 with a simple but aggressive goal: to become a software development powerhouse in China to provide the first class software to the west. It was simple because we just wanted to create a Chinese software team. It was aggressive because we wanted to compete with the west and serve for the west. It was a very challenging proposition in 2005.

    Looking back and now, I am proud to announce: we did it! We have reached our goal although we have a long journey to reach our final destination. In the past 7 years, we have built a solid customer and partnership network in the world. We have worked for so many small and large software projects and produced more than 40 mobile apps for sale on Apple's AppStore and Android app network. Our customers like what we created and give us the high appraisal for our team and work. We keep receiving referrals from existing customers.

    However, it has been a roller-coast ride from where we were in 2005 to where we are now. We encountered numerous difficulties and obstacles in this long jurney. We constantly faced new challenging; we witnessed technology changes. But we never gave up; we never stop learning and reshaping ourselves. 7 years of ups-and-downs have polished Siloon, sharpened the team spirits, and enriched the company culture. Now it is time for me to tell you, especially Silooners, The Siloon Story. I am feeling privilege to do so.

    This story is broken into several parts: The Birth, Growing Pain, Roller-Coaster, Grown-up, and The Future.

    The Birth: I will tell you how Siloon was started and how mountain-full problems were solved when there were no office and no employees. You will understand why people are saying "the first step is the hardest".

    Growing Pain: When a kid started growing, he always experienced pain in his body. Siloon is no exception. There were many painful but touching stories at Siloon.

    Roller-Coaster: In this world, there is no straight road to the bright end of a journey. The world is changing every day; people are changing; technology is changing. Nothing keeps constant except changes. So did we.

    Grown-up: After experiencing hurdles and witnessing changes, we grew up; we knew what we wanted; we became realistic. Then suddenly we started growing again, not really in the size but in our mind and spirits.

    The Future: No one knows what happens tomorrow. But I can tell you what we will not become in future if we keep doing what we are doing and keep adjusting our vision and technology. I believe Siloon, the hidden dragon, will jump out from the deep valley and become a star in the sky.

    Jonathan Wang
    Siloon Software Group



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