Big Data

ZTE ICT Technologies Co. Ltd. (Abbr.: ZTE ICT) established in 2009, is a holding subsidiary software company of ZTE Corporation, the largest listed telecommunication equipment manufacturer in China and an industry leader of telecommunication solutions worldwide (SZ: 000063, HK: 0763). Its predecessor is the ICT product line of ZTE Corp.

Siloon team is providing software development/research work that includes:

  • Computing Architecture Design
  • Data Analyzing
  • Automation Toolset

Economy mode deployment with single computing node:

Full power mode deployment with distributed computing:

Automation Toolset includes:

  • Redis Based Computing Step Controller
  • Java Based Computing Framework Implementation
  • RabbitMQ Based Distributed Task Assignment/Re-Assignment
  • R/Rserv Based Distributed Computing Environment
  • CRON Based Data Importing Automation
  • CRON Based Computing Scheduling Automation

Intelligent Transport Research Institute is a GOV department. The institute has data of huge dataset of GPS tracking info for big trucks that carries dangerous goods. The institute wants to know the average speed, stop by times, average distance on the road between stop by etc.

There're tens of millions of GPS tracking data from the dataset. Cloudera's hadoop distribution was involved for handling raw data storage and query first stage data. And move first stage data into PostgreSQL for easier computing.

Siloon team is providing software development/research work that includes:

  • Schema design
  • Computing Architecture Implementation
  • Huge Data Import
  • Computing and Result Output