Artel, Inc. is a rapidly growing hi-tech company in industrial metering and automation field. Achieving ISO9001 qualification, Artel offers a full range of quality products and solutions to meet customers' needs. Artel is not only a hardware manufacture but also a software developer. Their software is mainly for the Linux platform. They have developed a set of Linux toolkits specific to metering system and digital signal process.

Siloon is the technology development partner of Artel and plays critical role in implementation and improvements to usability of Artel’s products. The following case study shows part of our work for Artel. The project, code named PQA, is divided into two parts, the lower-layer processing and the upper-layer control. Our responsibility is to interface the lower layer by retrieving data stream coming from it and then provide a human user interface in the upper-layer.

This project involves a lot of graphics programming with many graphical toolkits that have been used in the industry, such as libglade, gdk, etc.