Digital Support (Menlo Park, CA) is delivering an online service to automate PC support procedures and live support through remote conferencing. The service is powered by innovative proprietary technology integrated with software systems and applications that detects and repairs many known system and application problems through an easy-to-use interface. Company developed a special search engine that matches PC's system information against a database of support procedures. A local application collects the required information and applies fixes necessary to resolve an issue.

Siloon team designed and developed a web-based IT management system fully taking advantage of VM Ware technology and its APIs. By using AJAX, SOAP and Java we enabled simple and easy to use product, hiding huge complexity of the system from users.

Morrison Express Corporation (MEC) established in 1972, Morrison Express Corporation (MEC) is one of the leading global freight forwarding and logistics service providers with over 50 branches and offices worldwide and with more than 1,200 people throughout the Far East, the United States, Central America and South America, Europe and Australia.

Siloon team re-modeled and re-factored the legacy system transporting layer for client's data centers across 30 stations worldwide, providing better reliability and performance for the logistics management and tracking system. Our work was highly praised by customers' senior management for quality and turn-around speed.