Mobile Apps

IOS Apps

When iPhone came out in 2007, Siloon team already sensed a new Mobility era arrived. We started iPhone programming in 2008. By 2009 spring, we released our first iPhone game, Songram. We received thousands of download in the first week. It was a big success. Since then, we have created more than 20 apps on iPhone and iPad.

Android Apps

In 2011, we formed an Android development team and started receiving projects for Android phones. In a few months, we have released dozen of Android apps to our customers.

Windonws Phone Apps

Recently we also got involved in Windows Phone projects, among which a few are still under development.

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Our mobile apps range from games, to enterprise applications, to e-commerce. There is great deal of need for extending a web business to a mobile device. 70% of our mobile projects fall in this category. In some cases, we will help our clients to re-design or refactor the current web server application. For example, we not only built the following cutting edge iPhon/iPad app for, but we also started working on a new web UI for them.