PressWise Aethos Technologies(Acquired by SmartSoft) provides an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for process-oriented Print shops. This technology brings capabilities to smaller print shops that were previously available only to companies with revenues over $10 million. PressWise is a Print Shop Management Software, is a fully integrated end-to-end solution for the printing and graphic arts industry. It includes: Process workflow engine for job tracking and task management, integrated Estimating, Web-to-Print Shopping Cart, built-in Template System, Variable Data and Shipping solutions, out of the box integration with industry tools.

Siloon is the Aethos’ technology development partner and provides development management, implementation and maintenance of PressWise SAAS solution as well as website.

5Dynamics For businesses whose success depends on maximizing talent and collaboration, 5Dynamics is a method of managing and working better, a productivity accelerator, that rapidly applies employees' strengths and talents to goals. Unlike theoretical approaches, 5Dynamics maps directly to the work at hand. Your people can intuitively put it into practice at all levels.

TimeTrex provides extensive Payroll and Time Management solution that is distributed as an Open Source. Product is used worldwide and available for deployment as an On-Site installation or an On-Demand hosted solution.

Our development team is working on porting the old SMARTY based product to a new Adobe Flex/PHP implementation. Siloon was selected for the project after going through a selection process that included a short term development engagement given to all top candidates. We were selected for our Flex expertise and Top Code Quality as it was very important for an Open Source provider.

TeamDen (San Jose, CA) is a unique and easy way to manage your sports team online. It makes it simple for coaches or managers of a recreational adult sports teams or youth sports teams to keep track of all the players, games and event schedules, team payments and communication. Its intuitive SaaS implementation enables managers to create customizable team website. Users don’t need to download, install anything. All they need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Siloon team designed and developed the product using LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Siloon team was in charge of the engineering implementation from project inception, enabling TeamDen to successfully launch its Beta release.

Viejas Casino located 30 minutes east of downtown San Diego, CA, reflects an architectural design that acknowledges its origins in Native American soil and takes inspiration from Kumeyaay culture. Their gaming facility has grown from modest beginnings in 1991, of 327,0000 square feet and 2400 employees, to its current size as one of San Diego County's largest employers providing more than 2,400 jobs.

Siloon team is providing software development work that includes:

  • Web Site Development, Design, & Management of:
  • Monthly Site Maintenance(Primarily Content Updates of the monthly promotions, flyers, jackpots, bus schedules, events)
  • Business Survey implementation and content updates
  • Creation of promotional spinoff sites
  • Social Media Management:(Primarily content)- Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, RSS
  • E-marketing: (Content)- Design, Develop & Track all email marketing
  • Manage Blue Hornet Email Database
  • Creation & Coding of flash banner ads (
  • Software implementation for on the floor marketing/information kiosk (Java Script/Content)
  • User interface design
  • iView (Java Script/Content)
  • Monthly Promotional Update Design
  • TV Screens: (Java Script/Graphics) - Design & Code applications to assist events & promotions in displaying drawing winners on TV’s around the casino
  • Development of internal software tools is both an e-commerce website for selling Pets Products and a community website for Pets Lovers. It is a niche market especially for selling grave stones for pass-away pets. Peternity has achieved a great success since it was released. In 2009, the site was re-designed by using the Drupal platform. Drupal’s CMS capability and Ubcart’s shopping cart module enables Peternity to modify the content, add and update products’ info or prices, or modify the look & feel without changing a single line of code or any help from technical people. Everything can be changed on the fly by non-technical staff. This will save Peternity a lot of capital to maintain and run the website.

Siloon has years of experiences in developing and deploying Drupal-based e-commerce and CMS. Siloon is the sole developer and service provider for We not only make the site reliable, beautiful and useful, but also make sure it is running 24/7. Recently Siloon innovated Peternity to use the Drupal engine to host two sites: one for memorial pet products and the other for living pet products. The two sites have to be in different sentiment, but use the same layout, structure, and code. It was a great challenge for Siloon to make the transition as flawless and effortless as possible. Finally the new site with two faces went live on New Year’s Eve. With minimum investment, Peternity was able to quickly increase its sales on the living pet products.

VidaNow, Inc VidaNow is a Social Portal that provides Social Networking, Classifieds, Games, and related Content for Hispanic community in the United States. (ROR, Java script, Facebook APIs, LAMP)

Siloon provided Architecture, Design and Development for Hispanic Social Portal and included the following functionality:

  • Database and User Management, single sign on
  • Engine for posting Ads
  • Classifieds engine and db
  • Facebook application and integration
  • MySpace application and integration
  • Integrated Google AdSense and Analytics
  • Embedded video
  • Email notifications
  • User activity tracking