Who we are

Siloon was founded in 2005 with an objective to create a first class team in China and get ready to serve IT business across the globe. We have worked with a number of customers providing software development, QA, and technical or customer support.

Extensive outsourcing experience of management team, unique training strategy and years of successful customer engagements with Western customers helped establish Siloon as a strong player in the outsourcing business.


We’ve build a strong team with expertise in many areas:

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Adobe Flex, AIR, ActionScript, Ajax, .NET, LAMP.
  • Testing and Test automation using tools like HP/Mercury’s QTP (object base scripting) and Redstone’s Eggplant (image base scripting).
  • Web portal for underlying VMWare operations.
  • Web site development with various technologies, PHP, Ajax, Drupal, JavaScripts, MySql, ActionScript.
  • Wireless warehouse management system with .NET, Sql Server.
  • Database synchronization through web with Java.
  • Mobile applications using J2ME.

Location Advantage

Our development lab is located in the southern city of China: Chengdu, which has immediate access to vast talents from about 20 universities around the city. In the last 20 years, Chengdu has advanced its economy dramatically and became the biggest city in the south-west region of China. IT industry in Chengdu is booming and attracting many foreign investors and companies such as Intel, IBM, Symantec, Motorola, etc. Yet, its living cost is still the most affordable and admired by all Chinese people. Comparing to large cities like Beijing or Shanghai, it is a perfect city for the foreigners to set up outsourcing business when the low ratio of cost and talent is your objective.

We challenge you to raise your standards even higher and enjoy great experience with Siloon, making your venture successful.

You Win, We Win!