IP Protection

Siloon views Intellectual Property (IP) protection as crucial component in its business, and indispensable to our long-term strategy. Siloon supports strong intellectual property protection and understands the vital importance of intellectual property to its customer’s business development. The IP protection policy and processes at Siloon address five primary areas:


Non-Disclosure Agreements

The first step that Siloon takes, to assure its customers of commitment to protecting their IP, is the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It’s Siloon’s policy to sign an NDA with all customers at the start of a business relationship. It is signed and strictly followed by all employees involved in the project.


Project-related IP Protection

Throughout the project cycle, Siloon protects its customer’s IP in both physical and electronic formats.

Siloon guarantees high degree of confidentiality and security in every project to secure the clients’ documents, prototypes and source code. All clients' information remains strictly confidential by using dedicated to customer and isolated data servers accessible only to members of the project. The servers are well protected during the entire project period. Access to hardware devices and sensitive information is limited to the network administrator and team manager.

Each employee of the company has his/her own computer with a startup password, therefore no one, other than the network administrator, cannot access anyone else's computer. Siloon has strict rules for the network administrator to prevent him from disclosing other’s password/information. It is clearly stated in the company's policy that talking about project related information outside working hours is strictly forbidden.

The company has systems in place to ensure that the access of an employee who has left the company is totally terminated or denied by withdrawing all relevant access authorizations and invalidating access to the computer system of the company. Also, the company promptly terminates the permission of an employee who ends his/her employment with the company, and disables inactive and orphaned accounts. Further, the IP protection is enhanced by Siloon high talent retention.

The ownership of jointly created IP assets or of IP assets created by Siloon, as part of the work done for a client, belongs to its clients. Also all other IP assets, e.g. , patents and copyright involved in its activities concerning outsourcing, belong to its clients, in accordance with the agreement signed prior to the start of any project development work.

Per client’s request, Siloon is capable and equipped to setup all or combination of the following:

  • A special isolated office with a security door and password access. In this case only the relevant staff is permitted to enter the project room(s).
  • Monitoring devices to record all visitors of the project room.
  • Monitoring system on project related hardware to insure security of the data and to catch any bridges in company’s data handling policies.
  • USB and recording device access can be disabled.
  • Internet access from the developer PC can be disabled, allowing only access to intranet or LAN. To use Internet for email, IM or research and educational activities, engineers will have to login to a tightly controlled machine(s) with monitoring software installed on it.
  • Virtual office connected to the remote customer’s office thru VPN could be set up. Network access will be available only thru VPN. This set up allows tracking of any Internet transactions and logs that client can check at any time on their end. All computers will be without removable media.

Confidential Document Control

Siloon has established a process for managing and protecting its customers’ confidential documents. Every copy of every confidential document is distributed to employee only on a 'need-to-know basis'. All copies of customers’ confidential documents are regularly accounted for, and deleted when usage needs have expired


Employee Confidentiality Contract

All Siloon employees are fully aware of, and sensitive to, the critical importance of protecting customers’ rights. All Siloon employees sign applicable confidentiality contracts along with their employee agreement upon joining Siloon. These agreements affirm that the employees will comply with Siloon IP Protection regulations. Employees must regularly attend meetings designed to reinforce the importance of customers’ rights regarding confidential information.


Employee Training and Education

Siloon conducts regular training courses to ensure the implementation of its IP Policy. The training explains IP Policy in a practical way, paying special attention to the particulars of offshore software development and customers' IP protection. All of the issues and rules on IP are explained in detail in the training of new employees that join the company.