RIA Development

Today, RIA development tools take a leading place among other multimedia technologies. Flash/Flex/AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime)/Breeze/ Silverlight technologies are an excellent way to make user experience more comfortable and your solution user-friendly, smart and intuitive, interactive and engaging, useful and cross-platform. Learn more about RIA Development

Siloon's flex developers have a rich experience developing various graphical and multimedia tools and integrating them with business software solutions that help us make your project unique and successful. We are a strong Flex development company and have tight collaboration with the top leading US Flex solutions providers.

  • Solutions for small, mid and large business. Complex solutions for different industries and businesses or their parts can be delivered as Rich Internet Applications that can use standard protocols supported by .NET, Java, PHP technologies. The RIA-based solutions delivered by Siloon can be seamlessly integrated with server, PDA, PC, touch-screen, mobile devices and handhelds, POS terminals and more. They can be a part of online services, such as: Salesforce.com, SAP, eBay, Amazon, PayPal or a part of your own online service solution.

  • Computer Games development, including network multi-user games, strategies and, in particular and action games with many special and FX effects. Siloon's flex programmers are trained and experienced to create ultimate and interesting solutions for you.

  • Web site and web application design. Flash and Silverlight technologies used while creating e-shops and stock-exchange-related projects allow you to avoid a number of problems regarding a dynamic reaction of the software application behind your site to the various actions of web site visitors. The use of animation created automatically in banners also fits this area.

  • Development of user interface elements, including dynamic cursors, buttons and many other elements. Siloon's flash/flex developers are able to create many interesting animated effects related to program reaction on user actions. The effects created with the help of the animation tools immensely differ from the effects created with the help of standard tools. Animated effects are more selective, for example, tracing of mouse movement directions and frequency of button click.