Skill Set

Siloon has accumulated comprehensive experience in software related outsourcing services through last 4 years of serving North American customers. Siloon successfully delivers complex projects and is capable of offering sophisticated and flexible solutions tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. We are experienced with the increasingly popular family of Agile methodologies and possess expertise in the best practices and effective implementation of these methodologies. We see the medium size of our company as our benefit, allowing us to provide the same high level of attention to all teams regardless of their size and to focus on interaction and communication that are critical to the agile approach. Excellent communication skills and expertise in remote communication and knowledge base provisioning for our projects allows us to work with any English-spoken partners/customers.

Siloon domain expertise includes:

Software Development and Maintenance (Prototyping, Design, Re-factoring and Porting) using technologies like:

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Adobe Flex, AIR, ActionScript, other Web2.0 and SaaS technologies
  • Web portals and Web site development with various technologies, Ajax, Drupal, JavaScripts, MySql, ActionScript
  • Wireless warehouse management system with .NET, Sql Server
  • Database synchronization through web with Java
  • Mobile applications using J2ME
Software Testing, QA and Test automation using tools like HP/Mercury’s QTP (object base scripting) and Redstone’s Eggplant (image base scripting)



24-hour technical support and on-call services for web service monitoring and maintenance