Workdigital - VinSwiper This app is used for a dealer (in US) to view the history of a used car and get an instant quote from the market. The way to do it is that the dealer uses the phone to scan VINS number (a barcode) on a used car. The app will send the number to various online services. The online service immediately returns the information about the car on the phone. Currently this app integrates with CarFax, Kelly Blue Book and Nada report.


TimeTrex is one of our customers too. They are providing Time-Tracking related and cloud-based solutions. We have worked with them for a few years and developed software for many platforms: PHP, Flex, arm-based fingerprint device and lately mobile devices. This project just started two weeks ago. The screen shows how a worker can enter the time for break or lunch. Here is the list of features that we plan to implement. We are creating UI mockups as we speak.


  • Track time spent on Lunch and Breaks.
  • Record time worked in Branches and Departments. (Business Edition)
  • Record time worked on Jobs and Tasks. (Professional Edition).
  • Easily transfer between Branch/Department/Job/Task in a single operation.
  • Custom notes can be recorded with each punch.
  • GPS location is stored each time the employees punch in/out.


  • Team/Crew attendance, select your entire team and record their attendance with the touch of one button.
  • View historical timesheets.
  • Submit requests to supervisors.

Altigen MaxMobile is a mobile business communications solution, integrated with MaxCommunications Server. The Windows Mobile app is still in development.

The MaxMobile application provides remote access to the following IP-PBX features:

  • Complete Business IP-PBX Call Control
  • Access to your IP-PBX Corporate Directory
  • Realtime presence and BLF of other corporate extensions
  • Synchronized Call History
  • Access to your corporate voicemail

Microsoft Tellme are created for Microsoft's Tellme division. These are explorations for a spoken interface for WinPhone7.